Daily Lift – September 15, 2023

Changed Forever

Perhaps the darkest time of the life of King David was when he took the wife of another man, then arranged the man’s death in an attempt to hide his sin. God sent the prophet Nathan to David to ask him what he thought of a rich man with many flocks and herds who took a poor man’s little ewe lamb. David exclaimed that the rich man should restore the lamb fourfold and that he would be punished with death. Nathan then told David that the king was the one illustrated in the story. At the Twenty-Second of Exodus, the Law provided for the fourfold replacement for which David had called, though the statute did not call for death. By adding to the Law as the Fourth of Deuteronomy forbade, David would have multiplied the penalty of the crime Nathan described, and by failure to observe what was written, David’s life would be changed forever.

Written by David Hayes Prophater