Daily Lift – September 16, 2023

Much, Much More

It is at the Sixth of Galatians that we are both cautioned and exhorted that we reap what we sow. The principle of sowing and reaping, however, is one of reaping far more than was sown. For example, from a single kernel of corn may be grown a stalk with as many as eight ears of corn, each with as many as a dozen rows of kernels. If a small ear of corn contained only eight rows with two dozen kernels per row, that single small ear has one hundred ninety-two kernels. If the stalk has eight ears of this size, the stalk has produced one thousand five hundred thirty-six kernels. Whether we have sown unto the flesh or unto the Spirit, be both cautioned and exhorted; we reap not only what we sow, but more than we sow; much, much more.

Written by David Hayes Prophater