Daily Lift – September 17th, 2018

He Came When He Was Called –

What do you think of when someone mentions to you the word “home?” How would you define it? You may have a mental picture of the physical place you call home, and of every aspect of that place that has become so familiar with the passing of time. Or, more ideally, you may think of your loved ones with whom you share the place you call home. Anywhere they are with you may be home to you. We may be grateful today that Abraham defined home as the latter , and not the former. He had settled in Haran for a reason. Yet, when God called him at the Twelfth of Genesis to go unto a place his descendants would afterward inherit, he obeyed, not knowing whither he went. That a man then childless should have descendants at all is a miracle only God could perform, and perform it He did. The collective physical and spiritual descendants of Father Abraham would be as the stars of the heavens and the sands of the sea in their innumerable multitude. The nation of Israel, of which Abraham is patriarch, is that by which God introduced the Messiah to the world, by whom all the families of the earth may be blessed; all this, because Abraham came when he was called.

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Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater