Daily Lift – September 18th, 2018

What to Obey –

Questions are sometimes asked less for information and more as a challenge. In the minds of some, a matter is disproved that is not quickly proven by a well worded and irrefutable reply. At First Peter Chapter Three, we are admonished beginning at Verse Fifteen to always be ready to provide an answer to those who ask for a reason why the Lord’s people have the hope that they do. Where matters of the soul are concerned, one certainly should know why he is trusting in that which he does. If he does know, he should also be able to provide proper information to those who inquire.

At Second Timothy Two, Paul asserted at Verse Fifteen that the workman of God should be ashamed who could not handle aright the Word of Truth. It follows, then, as Peter pointed out, that he who with good conscience can defend the Faith causes the challenger, not the challenged, to become ashamed. Regardless of which of these you may be, one must know what to obey before it can truly be said that one obeyed at all.

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Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater