Daily Lift – September 21st, 2018

Breaking Satan’s Reign –

At the Sixth of the Roman Epistle, Paul the Apostle wrote at Verse Twelve that sin was not to reign in the mortal body, nor is the lust of sin to be obeyed. He who reigns is he who is obeyed by those over whom he reigns. If sin and Satan are not to be obeyed, then their reign must be broken. Though Satan is powerful, he can be defeated, and has been defeated before. At the Tenth of Luke’s Gospel, the Savior declared at Verse Eighteen that He had seen Satan as lightning fall from Heaven. Similar references are made at Second Peter Chapter Two, Verse Four, and at Jude the only chapter, Verse Six. If one would break the reign of Satan in his own life, the Fourth of James tells us at Verse Six that God resists the proud while giving grace to the humble. Such humility is necessary for the submission to God called for at Verse Seven. He has rebelled against Satan who has submitted to God, and we are promised that Satan flees from such resistance. Verse Eight invites us to draw nigh unto God. To do so, one must break Satan’s reign.

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Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater