Daily Lift – September 27th, 2018

New Creatures –

At Second Corinthians Chapter Five, the apostle Paul wrote at verse Seventeen that those in Christ have become new creatures. It has not been unusual for someone to describe himself as a “new man” after enj oying the benefits of a refreshing experience. Though his physical person remains the same, it is his inward invigoration of strength and emotion that has caused him to feel renewed. Similarly, those emerging from the world and into a spiritual union with God in Christ are altered in spirit, not in body, for it is “all things” that have become new, while the old things have all passed away. Those “old things” were the characteristics of an “old creature, and, as sin, they stood between a man and God. Conversely, the “new things” define the new spiritual person, and Paul indicates this to be true of anyone who is in Christ. At the Sixth of Romans, Paul noted at verse Three that they are in Christ who have been baptized into Him.

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Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater