Daily Lift – September 28th, 2018

Ministry of Reconciliation –

When you undertake the task of balancing your checkbook each month, the ultimate purpose is for your figures to match those appearing on your bank statement. If there is a discrepancy, the error is typically on the part of the banking customer rather than the bank. When the figures agree, what has been accomplished is a reconciliation; two have been brought into agreement. When a person achieves spiritual reconciliation with God, it is because he has come into agreement with the Lord. At Second Corinthians Chapter Five, Paul the apostle wrote at verse Eighteen that all things, understood as spiritual things, are of God. Therefore, we must be reconciled unto Him on His terms. This God has made possible through Jesus Christ. This principle is so important that Paul defined his work by it, referring to it as “the ministry of reconciliation. They who are in Christ have been so reconciled, and, at Galatians Chapter Three, Paul wrote at verse Twenty Seven that they are in Christ who have been baptized into Him.

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Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater