Daily Lift – September 30th, 2018

Received in Return –

Perhaps you or someone you know has invested a great deal of time and labor in the planting and tending of a vegetable garden. You were no doubt pleased with the yield of good, fresh vegetables at the time of harvest. Imagine your disappointment, however, if the garden had rewarded your work and effort with a crop of briers and thorns. Such is the illustration provided us at the Sixth of the Hebrew Epistle. The writer described those in whom God had invested the good spiritual things available in Christ, but who fell away, and put their Savior to an open shame. Though the end of such is to be burned, the writer expressed faith that the readers of his epistle would imitate the fruitful ground rather than the briers and thorns. God, he assured them, would never overlook nor forget their work and labor of love, and he encouraged them to remain diligent unto the end. If the garden of your life has enjoyed the heavenly rain that fell often upon it, what has God received in return?

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Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater