Daily Lift – September 6, 2021

Keep a Man out of Poverty

Though mankind is the crowning glory of God’s creation, Solomon tells us we would be wise to learn from the ant. At the Sixth of Proverbs, the ant gathers for itself without a taskmaster standing over it to make it do so. On the other hand, the sluggard of Proverbs Twenty will not plow because he says it is too cold; then, when the season of harvest comes, he has nothing and becomes a beggar. While industrious persons are described as “making a living,” Proverbs Twenty-One warns that the lazy man does just the opposite. The desire of the slothful man kills him because his hands will not work. When one travels in the direction of poverty and want, he will surely reach the destination. It is clear that God ordained work to keep a man out of poverty.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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