Daily Lift – September 7, 2021

The Work of the Church

Members of the first century Church are often shown to have suffered from a lack of necessary sustenance. The Second and the Fourth of Acts record benevolent efforts to relieve those wants. Disciples in Antioch are recorded at Acts Eleven as sending relief unto the Judean brethren, while Paul the apostle, at Second Corinthians Eight, commended the generosity of the Macedonian Church and encouraged the Corinthians to be as they. This was to be the universal order of things concerning the care of the needy saints, for Paul said at First Corinthians Sixteen that he asked the Galatians to do for the Christians in need the same thing he asked the Corinthians to do. He may have gone collecting if they had not done so. It is clear that God ordained work in order to enable us to support the work of the Church.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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