Daily Lift – September 8, 2021

The Labor of our Hands

At the Twelfth of Luke, the Savior tells of a man who was already rich when the crops of his fields brought forth abundantly again. Unable to store all he had, he constructed larger barns to contain it. Then he decided to spend the remainder of his days in leisure, assuring himself he possessed ample goods to do so. What we do not read of this man doing is thanking God for blessing him with such an abundance of wealth. We do not read of him answering the needs of those in want, nor do we read of him repurposing his time in retirement to be a greater service to the Lord. We do read of him leaving this world, and his possessions, far sooner than he seemed to think he would. God ordained work that we might show Him our gratitude for generously blessing the labor of our hands.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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