Daily Lift – September 9th, 2018

Who Dwells in You –

Most of the Biblical history of which we read in Scripture occurs in Palestine. Interestingly, that name seems to have evolved from that of the Philistines, who invaded and settled in it approximately during the Twelfth Century B.C. That evolution of its name appears to have passed from Philistia to Palest ina to Palestine. Even so, these are not the only names by which the territory has been known. As the land of the Canaanites, it was known as Canaan. Yet again, as given by God to the descendants of Abraham, it is known as the Land of Israel, and various areas of it have been known by other names still. Which name is used seems to have depended upon the current occupant. Similarly, the name by which individuals might be known depends upon the occupant of the person’s heart, and, therefore, who controls his behavior. At First John Chapter Three, we are told at Verse Ten that it is by this that the children of God are manifest, as well as the children of the devil. Whose you are depends on who dwells in you.

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Written and voiced by David Hayes Prophater