S4E4: The Importance of Christian Growth

Is it important for Christians to continue growing in their faith? Do we ever truly know enough of the Bible, or should we spend our entire lives studying the Word? How crucial is it for us to grow spiritually? Aaron and Scott dive into these questions in this episode of The Authentic Christian Podcast.

Resources Mentioned In The Podcast (And More)


Man’s Wisdom Vs. God’s Foolishness – James Watkins

Christian Growth – Don Blackwell

Grace – Defined, Described, and Demonstrated Allen Webster 

Knowledge – Why? How? What? Cliff Goodwin

Why Growth is So Important? Dave Miller

A Lifelong Commitment – Aaron Gallagher


Free Book – Know Your Bible – Frank Dunn

Download | The Authentic Christian Devotional Workbook


 1 Cor. 1:17 – Paul Not Sent To Baptize