Daily Lift – June 30, 2020

Withhold Nothing The Twenty-Fourth of Leviticus records Jehovah's ordinance concerning the placement of shewbread upon a table in the Holy Place of the Tabernacle, and, later, the Temple. There were…

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Daily Lift – June 29, 2020

Eternal Life Though Exodus Twenty-One prescribed the death penalty for a neglectful livestock owner whose animal killed someone, the same statute allowed the defendant to pay a ransom for his…

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Daily Lift – June 28, 2020

Proper Place in Our Hearts Because Samuel's sons were corrupt, First Samuel Eight records the displeasure of the Israelite nation at the thought of them serving as judges. Therefore, they…

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Daily Lift – June 27, 2020

Heart of a Murderer While many may have thought such things as war and capitol punishment to be murder while Scripture demonstrates that they are not, many more may have…

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