Daily Lift – July 30, 2020

Fullest Potential One of the ways in which proper parents bestow love upon their children is by a proper upbringing. Neglected children, left to wander into sin and misbehavior, are…

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Daily Lift – July 29, 2020

Commands and Decrees Often, someone may be heard detailing what he has to do. Typically in such expressions, "has" or "have" is used in place of "must." Just as typically,…

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Daily Lift – July 28, 2020

Separation from God At Second Corinthians Six, the apostle Paul taught that righteousness cannot properly have fellowship with unrighteousness any more than light can have communion with darkness. As Christ…

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Daily Lift – July 27, 2020

The Truth Shall Make You Free It is absolutely remarkable that the courses of human events have been so dramatically affected by ignorance. At the Twenty-Third of Luke, as the…

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