Daily Lift – August 3, 2021

The Power of God

At the Twenty-Second of Matthew, the Savior told the Sadducees that they erred because they knew not the Scriptures. The Lord’s own disciples erred for the same reason when they asked Jesus at the Ninth of John if a man who was born blind was being punished for the sins of his parents. At the Eighteenth of Ezekiel, the Lord spoke through the prophet to say that children do not bear the iniquity of their progenitors. Rather than a punishment, the Savior declared the man’s blindness to be a means whereby the works of God would be manifested. Christ demonstrated how this was true by healing the blind man. The Scriptures instill faith while improving our point of view. What the disciples saw as punishment, Jesus saw as an opportunity to manifest the power of God.

Written by David Hayes Prophater

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